Sunday, August 29, 2010

El hilo conductor, or, a common thread

it's a common trick:

a brilliant string

tied to your wrist,

almost like

Mrs. Chase the librarian

taught you to do,

only that was your finger,

and to remind you

to return your borrowed book.

equally juvenile

and charming

is this young man who

somehow has your hand in his

within seconds of greeting you.

he has convinced you

with his yarn,

to share with him the following intimacies:

something you wish to do for the Earth;

a fantansy that you have;

something you desire to do for yourself.

(“we will skip dreams, travels and studies,” he says

“because it seems that you need not be

reminded of these.”)

“A little knot

on a string cannot

remind you of your dreams

or wishes.

That is silly”

he assured .

“But this string can line your pockets, no?”

I asked.

And gave him mil pesos

For reminding me.

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